Seven of the best reactions to Josh Cullen losing his tooth...

Josh Cullen

If you are a bit squeamish, look away now.

West Ham midfielder Josh Cullen lost his front tooth after receiving a high boot to the face from Shrewsbury captain Abu Ogogo in the FA Cup third round on Sunday.

The moment during the 0-0 draw was captured by the BBC One cameras and his name was trending on Twitter soon afterwards.

We thought we would pick out some of the best responses to the grisly incident.

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Gary Lineker
You can always rely on Gary Lineker for a pun...
Tooth missing
We heard the tooth in question was put in a glass of milk while Cullen played on...
Mark Noble
Cullen's club captain Mark Noble was about as sympathetic as a brick...
Graeme Howlett
Stuart Pearce
Not a flicker from Stuart "Psycho" Pearce
Rob Simmonds
Have we missed something? Does everyone get their OWN tooth fairy now? We have been living a lie....
Tooth missing
It DID fly...
West Ham Rob
Blood on head
Made of tougher stuff, this lot.
Johnny Futbol

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