VAR signals set to be made clearer for fans before use in FA Cup replays

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How does VAR work?

The Video Assistant Review (VAR) system faces an amendment after it made its debut in English competition this week.

VAR was used in the FA Cup tie between Brighton and Crystal Palace and again in the Carabao Cup match between Chelsea and Arsenal.

Referees boss Mike Riley said there could be a change to the official's 'finger to ear' signal for VAR.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: "We're coming up with ideas to make that more effective."

Martin Atkinson
Referee Martin Atkinson signalled for the use of VAR by putting his finger to his ear

Riley said that spectators inside the stadium could be finding it difficult to interpret whether a referee has asked for the use of VAR during a game.

It is set to be made available again for next week's FA Cup replays between Chelsea and Norwich, and Leicester City and Fleetwood Town.

"It is really important for spectators in the stadium to understand when its being used or not," he added. "Part of the process we're going through at the moment is how we can do that really effectively.

"Currently if you look at the referee you'll see him put his finger in his ear - and there were two good examples of that with referee Martin Atkinson [during the Chelsea v Arsenal match].

"But I accept that in a stadium that can be quite difficult to see. So how can we improve that experience for the spectators?

"We're talking around that, reviewing both games this week and coming up with some ideas for next week to make that more effective."

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