Blackpool: Bailiffs sent to owners, the Oyston family, after £10m non-payment

Blackpool are unbeaten in their past five League One games
Blackpool are unbeaten in their past five League One games

Lawyers acting for former Blackpool director Valeri Belokon have sent bailiffs to retrieve assets from the club's owners, the Oyston family, BBC Radio Lancashire reports.

The Oystons were ordered to buy out Mr Belokon's company VB Football Assets after a civil trial in November 2017.

However, a deadline to pay a £10m instalment was missed in February.

"Mr Belokon continues to have the interests of the club at heart," law firm Clifford Chance said.

The Oyston family still have to pay at least £20m of the £31m owed to Latvian businessman Belokon following November's judgement.

An initial payment of £10m was made within 28 days of the case ending, with a second similar sum due last month.

"We can confirm that our client is continuing to take steps to enforce the payment of the judgment debt that is owed to it by Owen Oyston, Karl Oyston and Blackpool Football (Properties) Limited," the statement continued.

"Mr Belokon emphasises that the actions being taken by bailiffs in Blackpool are not directed at Blackpool Football Club Limited or the football related assets."

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