Newcastle United's accounts reveal spending at Sports Direct

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley
Is Newcastle owner Mike Ashley stocking up for the club's next Premier League campaign?

Two lorry loads of oversized mugs? Four crates of tracksuit bottoms? Or an entire store?

A closer inspection of Newcastle United's 2016-17 financial accounts has revealed the club spent nearly £1.3m at sportswear and equipment store Sports Direct, and at owner Mike Ashley's other companies.

The retail store is already a heavy presence at St James' Park - the stadium is emblazoned with its name and was even rebranded, albeit for a brief period, the Sports Direct Arena.

So, perhaps it comes as no surprise that Ashley continues to strengthen the bond between his club and his retail empire.

But what could £1.3m buy you at Sports Direct?

  • 1.3m branded giant mugs, or
  • 372,492 Dunlop Union Jack umbrellas, or
  • 520,000 Sports Direct plastic water bottles, or
  • 866,666 Sports Direct bags for life

Ashley also kept it in the family when it came to matchday hospitality with £77,951 spent on his nearest and dearest. The latest figures also show that the club owner injected a further £15m into the club - which means he has now provided £144m in interest-free loans to the club.

Last week, Newcastle revealed they had taken a "financial gamble" in trying to return to the Premier League. The 2016-17 accounts - which covers the period the club were in the Championship - state they paid wages of £112.2m, almost double the Championship's other promoted clubs, Brighton and Huddersfield, combined.

The club made a £90.9m operating loss that year.

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