#GarethSouthgateWould - England's manager takes social media by storm

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Highlights: Colombia 1-1 England (3-4 pens)

Gareth Southgate may well be England's favourite son right now.

The man in the M&S waistcoat successfully led his Three Lions to a maiden World Cup penalty shootout victory over Colombia, sealing their place in the quarter-finals in Russia.

Southgate, however, knows only too well the pain of being on the wrong side of spot-kicks - wind the clock back 22 years and he missed the penalty that led to England crashing out of Euro '96.

That was evident on Tuesday as, after congratulating his players, he sought to comfort distraught Colombia midfielder Mateus Uribe.

It was an act that spurred an outpouring of love for the England boss on social media, leading one fan to start the Twitter hashtag #GarethSouthgateWould.

And there's a lot he would do, apparently.

Gareth Southgate's comforts Colombia players
Southgate was quick to comfort Colombia's players following their defeat by his England side

It started with a tweet

A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould give you a lift to the airport and wouldn't accept petrol money.

When this tweet was posted, little did 'Phlegm Clandango' know what he was starting.

By 19:00 BST on Wednesday, the hashtag had been used in more than 9,000 tweets.

Everyone from Amnesty International to the London Ambulance Service got involved as it soon shot to the top of Twitter's trends for the UK.

Neighbourhood watchman

In between working at St George's Park and watching Premier League matches every weekend, Southgate may not be able to spend that much time at home.

But we reckon he'd be the ideal neighbour. Need your hedge trimming? Run out of milk? Car needs jump-starting? Gareth's your man.

A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould run out and get your washing off the line if it started raining and you hadn't noticed.
A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould know what day to put the bins out after a Bank Holiday. And would let all his neighbours know just in case.
A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould pipette feed an injured baby bird, day and night, until it was strong enough to fly back into the wild. Then leave seeds out in winter and gaze through the windows smiling, sipping on hot chocolate, as the same bird returns to collect food for its family.

Dream co-worker

We all have that one colleague with annoying habits. Or the co-worker who steals other people's food from the fridge.

Gareth Southgate is neither of those.

A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould insist you had his sandwich if you left your packed lunch at home
A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould send a group email saying he didn't mind who ate his yoghurt in the fridge and accept he probably didn't write his name clearly enough on it. He would then enquire how many yoghurts he should bring in for everyone tomorrow.
A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould give you his portable charger whilst he's on 1%

Best pal

Everybody needs a Gareth Southgate in their lives.

We imagine he's the friend who is always there for you. That friend who would do anything for you. That friend without whom life would be that little bit duller.

A first Mick Cooper tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould stop a conversation about Game of Thrones half way through and say 'has everyone seen it? Dave? No? Right then, let's talk about something else so we don't spoil it for Dave".
A second Mick Cooper tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould go on a lads holiday and make sure he's learnt the local language fluently so that he can look after everyone

Mick Cooper is clearly the chairman of the Gareth Southgate Appreciation Society. But we like it.

A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould proof read your CV and get back to you with constructive feedback within an hour

Pride of the pack

It is fair to say expectations were low as England flew out to Russia last month. But in reaching the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time since THAT match against Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal in 2006, World Cup fever has well and truly peaked.

And if football really is coming home, Southgate is the man we all have to thank.

A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould go back in time to Euro 96 and not change a thing because he knows it made him the man he is today
A tweet said #GarethSouthgateWould give you a hug after you miss a crucial penalty in a World Cup knockout match, even though you're on the opposing team, and tell you that no matter how bad you feel now, things will get better.

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