World Cup 2018: Best dressed, best fans - BBC Sport's alternative awards

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It's been a funny old few weeks here in Blighty.

The sun has been shining, Drake made random appearances at sporting and music events, British political life seemed to achieve new levels of chaos, and people have been spontaneously bursting into song in the streets.

Oh, and England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup.

Will we ever see a summer like it again? We hope so...

But to properly round up the past few weeks, we thought we would hand out some BBC Sport World Cup 2018 awards.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for 'best defender', 'save of the tournament' or 'most completed passes', these awards aren't for you.

Best dressed

Yep, we've started with the waistcoat. Told you this wasn't going to be highbrow.

England manager Gareth Southgate laughed off the idea he was being considered - in his own words - "a sartorial model for the country", but you can't deny he has officially brought back the waistcoat.

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Unlikely heroes, waistcoats & a buried curse: How England fell for football again

Sales of that specific model (from the shop that rhymes with parks and fencer), have skyrocketed over the past few weeks and on the day of the semi-final between England and Croatia, #WaistcoatWednesday was trending, with people choosing to don a tailored vest over their clothes on one of the hottest days of the year.


Best memes

This has arguably been the first 'meme World Cup' with the tournament throwing up some outstanding moments on social media.

From an England perspective, "It's coming home" became the phrase of the month - a reference to the Lightning Seeds' 1996 anthem 'Three Lions'.

As one Twitter user pointed out, it all started as a bit of a laugh...


But as England unexpectedly impressed, the nation started to believe they could actually "bring it home".

The memes got more ridiculous, more creative, more obscure and featured scenes from movies such as Anchorman, The Matrix, Dunkirk and Shrek to name a few.

People started looking really deeply into everything to desperately find a 'sign' it was in fact coming home.


Best 'what were you thinking?' moment

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Milad Mohammadi attempts forward roll throw

Has anyone actually asked Milad Mohammadi what he was thinking before he attempted this throw-in?

We would love to know.

Anyway, it was a moment that will go down in World Cup folklore for years to come.

One day, we will tell our children's children about the time that Iran player attempted a forward-roll throw-in when his team were 1-0 down against Spain and seconds remained in the game.

Best goal celebration (...or was it the worst?)

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Watch: Batshuayi hits ball into own face

Forget amazing free-kicks. Forget England reaching the semi-final. Forget the outstanding match that was Portugal v Spain...

This was - for many - the highlight of the tournament.

In an attempt to celebrate Adnan Januzaj's winner against England in the group stage, Belgium striker Michy Batshuayi smashed the ball off the post and into his own face.

It was amazing in real time but the slow-motion, high-definition replay really makes it.

Other notable 'best celebration' mention goes the people in Hyde Park for the pint-throwing when Kieran Trippier scored in England's semi-final against Croatia.

Was it worth wasting your £8 pints for? Probably.

Best new dance craze: Big fish, little fish, VAR


History was made in Russia as this was the first World Cup where the video assistant referee was in use.

It prompted players to make a TV gesture with their fingers when they felt aggrieved.

Watch out. The 'Big fish, little fish, VAR' will be hitting the clubs near you soon.

Best fans

Fans of Japan at the World Cup

Japanese football fans have been collecting litter after games for years but for many of us it was the first time we had seen the brilliant act of goodwill on an international stage.

The best thing about it was that the courteous behaviour started spreading to other nation's fans.

Senegal fans were seen doing the same at their group games.

It really has been a joyous and entertaining World Cup. Does it have to end?

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