France-born Simon Falette commits to playing for Guinea

Eintracht Frankfurt's Simon Falette
Eintracht Frankfurt defender Simon Falette will have to show his maternal grandfather was born in Guinea in order to play for the Syli Nationale

France-born Simon Falette has committed to play international football for Guinea after meeting with football federation vice-president Amadou Diaby in Germany.

The 26-year-old, who plays for German club Eintracht Frankfurt, has been photographed holding a Syli Nationale shirt.

While the defender's family comes from from French Guiana, a French territory in South America, his grandfather is from Guinea, as his wife.

"I've talked a lot with the (federation) officials and they have presented me with a good project," he told the Guineenews website.

"The coach, who I have also been talking to, has confirmed the project.

"It is also important that national selection has a lot of potential, to help it progress further, everything is met so that it's going well,

"I'm looking forward to seeing what the coach will ask me to do, and I think we can bring more to Guinean selection."

The move to persuade Falette is part of the Guinea Football Federation's drive to get players of Guinea origin with dual citizenship to play for the Syli Nationale.

Its plans have already paid dividends with Fulham's brahima Cisse, Amadou Diawara of Napoli and Abdoulaye Toure from Nantes all pledging to play for Guinea this year.

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