Manchester City survey fans about safe-standing season tickets

Etihad Stadium
Manchester City have plans to expand their stadium by more than 8,000 seats

Manchester City have surveyed fans to ask if they would be willing to pay up to £580 for a safe-standing season ticket at an expanded Etihad Stadium.

The question was asked in an online survey that was created to gauge supporters' opinions on the stadium's proposed development.

City have plans to expand the North Stand which will increase the stadium's overall capacity from 55,000 to 63,000.

The club are "open" to the idea of safe standing "in the right circumstances".

Standing in English football's top two divisions was outlawed by the Football Spectators' Act in 1989.

It came following recommendations made in the Taylor Report into the Hillsborough disaster, which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool supporters.

However, the policy is currently under review by the government.

The survey comes as part of City's "ongoing review of the matchday experience".

Last season, West Brom - who have since been relegated to the Championship - proposed a pilot scheme to convert 3,600 seats into 'rail seats', which can be locked in an upright position, but the proposal was rejected by the government.

Clubs including Scottish champions Celtic and Germany's Hoffenheim already use pockets of rail seating, and in April, Liverpool fans from the Spirit of Shankly supporters group who visited Celtic's stadium to witness safe standing in action found the experience "overwhelmingly positive".

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