John Higgins says he may retire at end of season if motivation still lacking

John Higgins stretching to play a shot
Higgins says playing at smaller events might 'suit' him better

John Higgins has stressed he will "seriously" consider retiring at the end of the season if he continues to struggle for motivation.

The four-time world champion said earlier this month he felt he was "near the end" of his time in the game.

Despite reaching the 2018 world final, Higgins says he is living a "soul-destroying" existence.

"If I still feel the way I'm feeling just now I'd seriously think about it," he said.

"I just feel as though I'm stuck in the house now 24/7.

"My wife works three days, which is great because she's brought our three kids up over the years and she's got a bit of independence. She's out working which is great but now I realise how people can go stir-crazy when they're in the house.

"I know now there's house husbands but it can be pretty soul-destroying when you're stuck in the four walls. That's what I feel I've been doing a lot now with my practice game in the house."

If he does continue to play next year, Higgins says he would "look at" the opportunity to take part in a breakaway snooker tour.

Ronnie O'Sullivan has mooted his desire to form a "Champions League-style" format because of his dissatisfaction with the current schedule.

"If there was something like that in the future of course you would look at it," four-time world champion Higgins said.

"There are a lot of countries that want to see tournament play but a lot can't come up with the money because they've got to fund a 128-man ranking event which is tough - it takes a lot of money to do that," he said.

"So if other countries are wanting to put on smaller events for smaller fields and that would suit me, it could suit other players, who knows?"

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