Graham Barrow: Manager not ruling out more Wrexham signings

Graham Barrow
Graham Barrow succeeded Sam Ricketts as Wrexham manager in December 2018

Wrexham manager Graham Barrow says he has not ruled out a further signing before the end of the month.

Midfielder Bobby Grant, striker Jason Oswell and defender Kieran Kennedy have already signed for the club in January while Cole Stockton joined on loan.

"I wouldn't rule out maybe one other player coming in if we can do the business," Barrow said.

"They've not said no yet so I keep asking the question."

Barrow also said a few players could be allowed to leave the National League side, who are fourth in the table.

"There's a possibility we'll have to move one or two on," Barrow added.

"Players do get despondent and I understand at this level they want to play and I will be speaking to some players.

"But they will only go if we feel that it's right for them to go."

Barrow has been frustrated by the need, as a Welsh club, for international clearance for new signings.

The Wrexham manager was unable to include Kennedy, on loan from Shrewsbury, in Saturday's FA Trophy defeat by Leyton Orient.

Players joining Welsh clubs from another country need to have their transfers processed by the Football Association of Wales before they can play.

"We'd trained on Friday with Kieran in the team because we were fully led to believe, and not through any fault of the office staff here, that he would be clear," Barrow said.

"It was started on the Tuesday and this club gets penalised like that. It's been a struggle at times.

"English clubs can basically do a player a day before and it's cleared, done and he plays."

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