Bangor City FC: Stadium operators hit back at club's claims

Bangor City's Nantporth Stadium has hosted two Welsh Cup finals and a number of Wales Under-21 games

A company which operates Bangor City FC's stadium has denied it is liable for an outstanding electricity bill.

Bangor has requested assistance from shareholders after having electrical and water supplies turned off.

The club claims it was unjustly issued with a £16,000 electricity bill for a connection shared with its landlords who operate a pitch next door.

But Nantporth CIC has rejected the club's "inaccurate" claims by outlining that payment has already been made.

The Nantporth stadium complex is owned by Bangor City Council, which in 2012 granted a 25-year lease to Nantporth CIC to run the facility.

While the stadium and clubhouse are sublet to Bangor City FC, Nantporth CIC retains control of the 3G pitch which it rents out to community groups.

"The statement made indicates that the outstanding amounts due to the suppliers is the burden of Nantporth CIC," the company said in a statement, reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

"Nantporth CIC have made appropriate payments to Bangor City Football Club either directly or by way of credit for non-payment of invoices due by the club either from use of the pitch or non-payment of rent."

"In addition, the delays referred to in the statement were as a result of the club preventing the supply from being switched over in November resulting in this task being re-scheduled for week beginning 4th February.

"Nantporth CIC have received no communication from the club regarding electrical costs since additional contributions were made in November and have continued to make regular monthly contributions as above."

Bangor City FC said negotiations are underway in an attempt to settle the utility bills, with their water supply also cut off as they owe £9,000.

The club say they are working to ensure Saturday's home fixture against Gresford can go ahead despite debts of £80,000

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