Luton Town thank Shrewsbury steward for helping disabled fan celebrate goals

Luton striker James Collins celebrates
James Collins scored two of Luton's goals against Shrewsbury

Stewards at sporting events often have to ask supporters to sit down and temper their excitement.

But Shrewsbury steward Loviu Ngozulu has received widespread praise for doing the opposite, helping a disabled Luton fan to his feet to celebrate his team's goals.

George Barnard was guided out of his wheelchair and back again after each of the away side's goals, as the Hatters won 3-0 to go six points clear at the top of League One.

Interim Luton boss Mick Harford called it a "touch of class", saying: "Our sincere thanks from all the players, staff and board go to the steward who helped George join in the goal celebrations."

Ngozulu also attracted praise from former Luton and England midfielder Ricky Hill, who posted: "Wonderful kindness shown by the young steward at @shrewsweb taking the time to ensure that the supporter enjoyed every special moment that a goal brings."

Shrewsbury added their approval despite the defeat leaving Sam Ricketts' side in the relegation zone.

"Shame he [the steward] had to do it three times," they joked.

Club safety officer Lawrence Ellerby said: "As a club we do get positive feedback on our stewarding regularly, but when someone goes that little bit further as Loviu did on Saturday it is only right he should be recognised and congratulated for his actions."

Luton Town on Twitter
A Luton fan account suggested the steward deserved a pay rise for his act of kindness
Shrewsbury Town on Twitter
Shrewsbury named steward Loviu Ngozulu as their man of the match instead of any of their players

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