Tottenham: New stadium can make Spurs one of world's biggest clubs, says Chairman Daniel Levy

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Huge capacity & its own microbrewery - Spurs' £1bn stadium in numbers

Chairman Daniel Levy believes Tottenham now have a stadium that can make them one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Spurs open their new £1bn stadium on Wednesday night against Crystal Palace.

At 62,000, the capacity of the new ground is almost double that of White Hart Lane.

"Winning is both on the pitch and off the pitch, so we are going to keep going until we get both right," said Levy.

"I would say that in the last 18 years, this club has definitely gone forward and clearly, like any business, any club, you have your ups and downs.

"When I took over the club, Tottenham was not a club that was a regular European challenger. Clearly, we are now and my dream is obviously to win. We want to win."

During the construction of Tottenham's new home, Levy has had to balance the rising costs of delivering a new stadium with ensuring Spurs have a team strong enough to challenge at the top end of the table.

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'Possibly the best in the world' - Spurs fans on new stadium

'We must think like a big club'

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has successfully managed to keep Spurs challenging the top four despite having not spent any money in either of the last two transfer windows.

Now the stadium is complete, Pochettino says everyone at the club must adjust their mentality to compete with the world's best.

He said: "You must think like a big club to be close to the big clubs, the way that the big clubs think.

"If you want to compare to Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus or Real Madrid, you can't think you are Tottenham with 36,000.

"We need to think like a big club and that is the most important step that we need to make."

Several delays mean the stadium opening comes six months after it was scheduled, while it has also gone considerably over the original £750m budget.

The lack of spending on players has also led to Levy receiving some criticism, but he is confident the club will soon start to reap the benefits of a world-class facility.

He added: "The stadium was financed privately by the club and by a combination of club revenues and supporting banks.

"In terms of the payback, it's over the long term. This stadium will be here for way past the lives of any of us and we see increased revenue streams not just from the core football club, but also the other activities that will be taking place on non-match day."

Tottenham's new stadium is part of a proposed wider redevelopment of the area. Along with a hotel, there will be 258 residential properties built along with schools, a gym and a supermarket, with over 2,500 jobs being created

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