Juventus 'ultras' arrested over allegations they blackmailed officials for tickets

Juventus ultras
The arrests came as part of 39 searches by police

Police in Italy have arrested 12 Juventus 'ultra' fans over allegations including blackmail and extortion.

Investigators in Turin say the fans threatened to sing racist chants at matches if club officials did not let them bulk buy more cheap tickets than were available, in order to sell them on for a profit.

They are also accused of money laundering and violence.

The arrests come after a year-long probe into a crime group.

Police sayexternal-link this group infiltrated the 'ultras' section at Allianz Stadium, and those arrested include the leaders of the 'Drughi', 'Tradizione', 'Viking' and 'Nucleo 1985' gangs.

Two years ago, Juventus were fined and ordered to play a match with part of the stadium closed for selling tickets to ultras.

In September 2017, the club's president Andrea Agnelli was banned for a year for his role in the sale of tickets to mafia-linked supporters' groups but his ban was lifted that December.

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