Romain Vincelot: Shrewsbury midfielder has Andy Murray-style hip surgery

Andy Murray & Romain Vincelot
Romain Vincelot (right) will be having the same hip resurfacing surgery as Andy Murray

Shrewsbury Town believe midfielder Romain Vincelot has become the first footballer to have the same hip resurfacing surgery Andy Murray had.

The Frenchman, 33, has not played since August and had the operation on Thursday.

Murray underwent surgery in January this year and won the European Open earlier this week.

"It's unbearable just now but the good news is there is a solution," Vincelot told the club website.

"Andy Murray had it. I follow him quite a lot now and I thought it was so brilliant to see him win the championship he won the other day.

"You can relate the movements in tennis to football quite a lot - it's a lot of acceleration, deceleration and change of direction.

"The surgeon doesn't think it's been done in football before so I don't know about the timeframe for my recovery but thankfully I have Andy Murray to look at.

"I'm very excited about the surgery. I feel so good in the rest of my body so to have this solved will be like a new chapter for me."

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