Lazio v Celtic: Fans face Rome alcohol curfew amid violence fears

By Chris McLaughlinBBC Scotland sports news correspondent
Celtic fans
Celtic fans displayed a banner depicting former Italian wartime leader Benito Mussolini

Celtic fans will be subject to a strict alcohol curfew when they visit Rome for their side's Europa League rematch with Lazio next week.

About 8,000 fans are expected to travel after Celtic's 2-1 win in Glasgow.

Before that game, Lazio fans were seen giving fascist salutes and Celtic supporters responded by displaying a banner depicting former Italian leader Benito Mussolini hanging upside down.

Both clubs are fearful of the bad blood continuing in Rome and fear violence.

The city's main tourist attractions will be heavily policed, an alcohol curfew will be in place from 18:00 on Wednesday until 07:00 on Thursday, and fans will be told to be wary of wearing club colours.

The Lazio Ultras have a reputation for being one of the largest, and most violent, fans groups in European football.

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