Andre Gray: Clubs need to deal with 'own community' to stop discrimination

Watford striker Andre Gray
Watford striker Andre Gray lives with the permanent scar from the time he was stabbed on a night out in December 2011

Watford striker Andre Gray says clubs need to deal with discrimination by starting "with their own community".

Gray made his comments when speaking about Watford's We campaign,external-link which encourages inclusivity and working with the police to tackle discrimination.

"The only way to deal with discrimination as a club, like Watford are doing, is to deal with your own community." said the 28-year-old.

"If every club starts to take that approach, it's a building block."

He added: "It's how we deal with our fans, how we engage with them and the younger people around in the community, so it doesn't happen where we are."

Gray was banned for four games while at Burnley in 2016 after old homophobic tweets were discovered. He apologised at the time of the ban.

"I was a product of my environment, I was uneducated on situations and I put some very bad things out," he said.

"When it came out, I didn't realise they were still there or that I even did it, but I accepted it. I had to.

"I held my hands up and since then I have educated myself.

"I've seen the world and come across a lot of different people, different types of people in all walks of life. I've learned a lot and grown up.

"I've got a strong opinion because I've been on the wrong side of it - someone will also have a strong opinion about me and the way I conducted myself when I was younger."

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