Raul Jimenez: Wolves striker and girlfriend Daniela Basso hold gender reveal at Molineux

Raul Jimenez and girlfriend Daniela Basso have gender reveal at Wolves' stadium
Raul Jimenez celebrated his goal against Norwich in February by pushing the ball up his shirt

Stadiums host football matches, music concerts, the occasional wedding proposal - but rarely are venues for gender reveals.

But that's what Wolves' Molineux Stadium was used for this week.

Striker Raul Jimenez and his girlfriend, actor Daniela Basso, invited their friends and family to the stadium to reveal the sex of their unborn baby in a fitting way - by hitting top bins.

The Mexico international managed to miss first time, and Daniela sent a shot wide - but a second attempt was all that was needed to hit the target and release a puff of coloured smoke.

Watch the clip here to find out whether they'll be welcoming a boy or girl:

There are plenty of other people who've hosted gender reveal parties in the sporting world - and here are some of the best and worst of them.

Like Jimenez, Antoine Griezmann also incorporated football skills into the gender reveal for his and his wife's second child.

The Barcelona forward didn't have the same crowd numbers as Jimenez and his girlfriend, but he also revealed the baby's sex by kicking the ball at a target.

Hitting it first time (or so the footage leads us to believe) triggered a chest to open, releasing the balloons inside.

Here it is:

Next up, we have British boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom, who announced their third child with a gender reveal video, which they posted on social media in August last year.

As with the footballers, Khan put his skills to good use... by donning a boxing glove and punching a balloon.

This is their take:

Going to have to issue a wholesome content warning for this next one...

Lovejoy Chawatama of rugby union team London Irish and his partner filmed themselves sitting on a sofa with a gender-reveal balloon between them.

In the video, the Zimbabwean prop forward pops the balloon with a pin - cue slow-mo reaction from the couple and a seriously happy moment that you cannot help but smile at.

Go on, have a look:

Next up, gender reveal: tennis edition.

Tennis pro John Isner revealed the sex of his second child on court by serving a ball that disintegrated into a coloured powder.

The American, his wife Madison and their daughter Hunter celebrate together and it's a really sweet moment for the family.

View it for yourself:

And possibly the saddest gender reveal ever goes to... Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward, whose reaction was not quite as excited as you'd expect.

The then father-of-two-girls was tasked with opening a cardboard box filled with balloons to reveal the sex of his and his wife's unborn third child.

...and it's another girl.

In the video, as the pink balloons rise out from the box, Hayward unenthusiastically says: "Wowww, it's a girl."

Watch the video here:

But, just yesterday, the couple announced they are expecting baby number four - and this time it's a boy.

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