National League clubs split on vote to end the season

By Ian DennisBBC Radio 5 Live senior football reporter
No National League games have been played since 14 March
Football fixtures were suspended last month because of the coronavirus pandemic

National League clubs are split on whether to vote to end the regular season without playing games that were scheduled up to 25 April.

Of the 24 National League clubs, the BBC found 10 want the season to end immediately, four want it to continue, nine are undecided and one refused to answer.

Many point out a lack of clarity, that they don't know what they are voting for because it's unclear what the options are and how they will determine the outcomes of the leagues.

Last Thursday the National League Board recommended clubs vote for the resolution.

There are 32 votes in total with all 24 clubs from the National League plus four votes each from the National League North and South.

If the vote passes, clubs will then be asked to help "determine the outcomes of the season" through further polls.

A decision is expected to be made soon, with play-offs still possible.