Richard Foster: Ross County defender says players out of contract 'in no man's land'

Kilmarnock's Stephen O'Donnell on life in lockdown

Players nearing the end of their contracts "are in no man's land" amid the uncertainty caused by coronavirus, says Ross County's Richard Foster.

Foster is one of around 90 Premiership players nearing the conclusion of their current deals this month.

All Scottish football was suspended in March because of the virus pandemic, with resumption not possible until June and unlikely until later in the year.

"You don't know whether to stick or twist," said Foster, 34.

"At no point in the seven weeks has anyone mentioned that there are going to be hundreds of football players out of work, unable to pay bills, to pay mortgages, to function and with no real opportunity then to move forward and go anywhere.

"Next season, in whatever shape or form it will taken, will go ahead. Yes, clubs are unsure of budgets and what's going to happen but there will be another season."

Like Foster, Scotland and Kilmarnock defender Stephen O'Donnell, 27, is in the final few weeks of his contract.

"In normal circumstances, maybe June at the latest you're getting sorted," he added on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound.

"Just now you're thinking, 'is it going to be July, August before teams are actually building for next season'?

"Just now I'm not worried. Maybe in two months' time I'll be a slightly more stressful man. I've been fortunate, I've been offered something and it's my choice."

Richard Foster
Foster has played for four Scottish clubs

Foster believes clubs may be better served retaining their current squad than recruiting.

"If you can't finish the season without those players that you're losing then you can't start the next season because you're still going to be players short but you know that you're going to have to go and sign players," he explained

"Sometimes it's better the devil you know. Why wouldn't you want to keep the players that you've already got that you know what you can get from?"

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