SPFL season curtailment 'one big embarrassment' - Craig Levein

Levein was dismissed as director of football and manager by Hearts owner Ann Budge last season
Levein was dismissed as director of football and manager by Hearts owner Ann Budge last season

The SPFL's handling of last season's curtailment has been "one big embarrassment", says former Hearts manager Craig Levein.

After 81% of clubs voted in favour, the leagues were ended early with Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer relegated from their respective divisions.

Hearts owner Ann Budge's reconstruction proposal, which would keep her club in the top tier, looks destined to fail.

"It's extremely unfair to get relegated with eight games left," said Levein.

"What should have happened is everybody rally together to protect the clubs.

"When you have a situation in Scottish football where people are struggling financially, they tend to then look after themselves."

Budge is proposing a reconfigured set-up of three leagues of 14 for the next two seasons, while Rangers have put forward a plan for a 14-14-18 structure with Old Firm colt teams in the bottom tier.

"The leadership for this whole situation should have come from the centre," Levein added. "They need to come up with innovative ideas to move forward, it shouldn't be left to Rangers or Ann Budge.

"That responsibility belongs with the board and the executives. I don't think they have done a very good job."

Levein was dismissed as Hearts director of football and manager after 11 Premiership matches last season with the club second bottom having won only once.

Seven months on, the former Scotland Scotland boss is keen on a return to the game.

"One thing that this lockdown has taught me is I'm not ready to hang up my managerial coat. I want to keep working," he told BBC Scotland's The Nine.

"I've still got a burning desire to be involved in football. Whether that's as a director of football or manager, I don't know. You'll see me pop back up somewhere I'm sure."

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