Euro Under-21 Qualifying Scores & Fixtures


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Tuesday 12th October

  • Norway U21Norway U213Estonia U21Estonia U210
  • Azerbaijan U21Azerbaijan U211Croatia U21Croatia U215
  • Finland U21Finland U213Austria U21Austria U211
  • Poland U21Poland U213San Marino U21San Marino U210
  • Hungary U21Hungary U211Germany U21Germany U215
  • Israel U21Israel U212Latvia U21Latvia U211
  • Iceland U21Iceland U210Portugal U21Portugal U211
  • Belarus U21Belarus U216Liechtenstein U21Liechtenstein U210
  • Cyprus U21Cyprus U21PGreece U21Greece U21P
    Match postponed - Postponed
  • Czech Rep U21Czech Republic U213Kosovo U21Kosovo U210
  • Armenia U21Armenia U211North Macedonia U21North Macedonia U212
  • Ukraine U21Ukraine U211Faroe Islands U21Faroe Islands U210
  • Serbia U21Serbia U210France U21France U213
  • Kazakhstan U21Kazakhstan U210Turkey U21Turkey U211
  • Belgium U21Belgium U211Denmark U21Denmark U210

Monday 11th October

Friday 8th October

  • Croatia U21Croatia U213Norway U21Norway U212
  • Azerbaijan U21Azerbaijan U211Finland U21Finland U211
  • Estonia U21Estonia U210Austria U21Austria U214
  • Hungary U21Hungary U212Poland U21Poland U212
  • Belarus U21Belarus U210Greece U21Greece U212
  • France U21France U215Ukraine U21Ukraine U210
  • Belgium U21Belgium U212Kazakhstan U21Kazakhstan U210

Thursday 7th October

  • Latvia U21Latvia U212San Marino U21San Marino U210
  • Germany U21Germany U213Israel U21Israel U212
  • Portugal U21Portugal U2111Liechtenstein U21Liechtenstein U210
  • Faroe Islands U21Faroe Islands U211North Macedonia U21North Macedonia U211
  • Armenia U21Armenia U211Serbia U21Serbia U214

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