Euro U21 Qualifying Tables


1team hasn't movedR. of Ireland U2111003033Won 3 - 0 against Luxembourg U21 on March 24th 2019.
2team hasn't movedArmenia U2100000000
3team hasn't movedIceland U2100000000
4team hasn't movedItaly U2100000000
5team hasn't movedSweden U2100000000
6team hasn't movedLuxembourg U21100103-30Lost 0 - 3 against Republic of Ireland U21 on March 24th 2019.
1team hasn't movedAzerbaijan U2100000000
2team hasn't movedFrance U2100000000
3team hasn't movedGeorgia U2100000000
4team hasn't movedLiechtenstein U2100000000
5team hasn't movedSlovakia U2100000000
6team hasn't movedSwitzerland U2100000000
1team hasn't movedTurkey U2111002113Won 2 - 1 against Albania U21 on March 23rd 2019.
2team hasn't movedAndorra U2110102201Drew 2 - 2 against Albania U21 on March 26th 2019.
3team has moved upAlbania U21201134-11Lost 1 - 2 against Turkey U21 on March 23rd 2019.Drew 2 - 2 against Andorra U21 on March 26th 2019.
4team has moved downAustria U2100000000
5team has moved downEngland U2100000000
6team has moved downKosovo U2100000000
1team hasn't movedCroatia U2100000000
2team hasn't movedCzech Rep U2100000000
3team hasn't movedGreece U2100000000
4team hasn't movedLithuania U2100000000
5team hasn't movedSan Marino U2100000000
6team hasn't movedScotland U2100000000
1team hasn't movedBulgaria U2100000000
2team hasn't movedEstonia U2100000000
3team hasn't movedLatvia U2100000000
4team hasn't movedPoland U2100000000
5team hasn't movedRussia U2100000000
6team hasn't movedSerbia U2100000000
1team hasn't movedFaroe Islands U2100000000
2team hasn't movedIsrael U2100000000
3team hasn't movedKazakhstan U2100000000
4team hasn't movedMacedonia U2100000000
5team hasn't movedMontenegro U2100000000
6team hasn't movedSpain U2100000000
1team hasn't movedCyprus U2111001013Won 1 - 0 against Gibraltar U21 on March 20th 2019.
2team hasn't movedBelarus U2100000000
3team hasn't movedNetherlands U2100000000
4team hasn't movedNorway U2100000000
5team hasn't movedPortugal U2100000000
6team hasn't movedGibraltar U21100101-10Lost 0 - 1 against Cyprus U21 on March 20th 2019.
1team hasn't movedDenmark U2100000000
2team hasn't movedFinland U2100000000
3team hasn't movedMalta U2100000000
4team hasn't movedNorthern Ireland U2100000000
5team hasn't movedRomania U2100000000
6team hasn't movedUkraine U2100000000
1team has moved upBosnia and Herzegovina U2111004043Won 4 - 0 against Moldova U21 on March 26th 2019.
2team has moved downBelgium U2100000000
3team hasn't movedGermany U2100000000
4team has moved upWales U2100000000
5team has moved downMoldova U21100104-40Lost 0 - 4 against Bosnia and Herzegovina U21 on March 26th 2019.

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