European Championship Qualifying Table


Group A

1team hasn't movedCyprus00000000
2team hasn't movedGeorgia00000000
3team hasn't movedNorway00000000
4team hasn't movedScotland00000000
5team hasn't movedSpain00000000

Group B

1team hasn't movedFrance00000000
2team hasn't movedGibraltar00000000
3team hasn't movedGreece00000000
4team hasn't movedNetherlands00000000
5team hasn't movedR. of Ireland00000000

Group C

1team hasn't movedEngland00000000
2team hasn't movedItaly00000000
3team hasn't movedMalta00000000
4team hasn't movedNorth Macedonia00000000
5team hasn't movedUkraine00000000

Group D

1team hasn't movedArmenia00000000
2team hasn't movedCroatia00000000
3team hasn't movedLatvia00000000
4team hasn't movedTurkey00000000
5team hasn't movedWales00000000

Group E

1team hasn't movedAlbania00000000
2team hasn't movedCzech Rep00000000
3team hasn't movedFaroe Islands00000000
4team hasn't movedMoldova00000000
5team hasn't movedPoland00000000

Group F

1team hasn't movedAustria00000000
2team hasn't movedAzerbaijan00000000
3team hasn't movedBelgium00000000
4team hasn't movedEstonia00000000
5team hasn't movedSweden00000000

Group G

1team hasn't movedBulgaria00000000
2team hasn't movedHungary00000000
3team hasn't movedLithuania00000000
4team hasn't movedMontenegro00000000
5team hasn't movedSerbia00000000

Group H

1team hasn't movedDenmark00000000
2team hasn't movedFinland00000000
3team hasn't movedKazakhstan00000000
4team hasn't movedNorthern Ireland00000000
5team hasn't movedSan Marino00000000
6team hasn't movedSlovenia00000000

Group I

1team hasn't movedAndorra00000000
2team hasn't movedBelarus00000000
3team hasn't movedIsrael00000000
4team hasn't movedKosovo00000000
5team hasn't movedRomania00000000
6team hasn't movedSwitzerland00000000

Group J

1team hasn't movedBos-Herze00000000
2team hasn't movedIceland00000000
3team hasn't movedLiechtenstein00000000
4team hasn't movedLuxembourg00000000
5team hasn't movedPortugal00000000
6team hasn't movedSlovakia00000000

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