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Latest updates

  1. 'It's nice to hear they're looking after players' published at 17:18 28 November

    Adam Pope, BBC Radio Leeds

    Former Leeds United defender Matt Kilgallon has welcomed the news that professional footballers in Scotland are to be banned from heading the ball in training on the days before and after a game.

    "It's actually quite nice to hear they're looking after the players," Kilgallon, 38, told BBC Radio Leeds. "I can totally understand why they're going to do that."

    "After a game you don't really head the ball to be honest. You're more on a cool down. The day before a game you do, to maybe get your timing. You might not have headed the ball all week and then you might head it to get your timing right especially if you know you're going to be up against a big striker. So, you might pull your other centre-half over and put a couple of balls up to each other."

    Kilgallon, who also played at Hamilton Academical FC, backed the heading rule change given work done by Glasgow University has shown former footballers were three-and-a-half times more likely to die from brain disease, external.

    The centre-back, who made more than 400 senior appearances including spells at Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Blackburn and Bradford City revealed: "When I was 33 I actually got a little bit of gristle out of my forehead. It was like a lump because I'd headed so much. Obviously when I was playing the ball was in the air a lot more and you did a lot more heading in the game. You watch some of the Premier League games now and they pass it about four yards to the centre-half. The ball isn't actually in the air as much anymore."

    As well as being a player agent Kilgallon coaches at the Play The Beautiful Game Academy where he feels a strong sense of responsibility to those he teaches.

    "Even when you're putting on a session where they are doing little headers back to you from little throw-ups you are thinking 'What are the parents thinking?'

    "I wouldn't do it every week but there are little bits where I do want them to pop a little header in just so they get used to it."

  2. FA Cup third-round draw detailspublished at 15:09 28 November

    FA Cup draw ballsImage source, Getty Images

    The draw for the FA Cup third round takes place at Anfield this evening between 19:00 GMT and 19:30.

    It will be broadcast live on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer and marks the entry of Premier League and Championship clubs to the famous competition.

    Top-flight numbers to watch out for:

    1. AFC Bournemouth

    2. Arsenal

    3. Aston Villa

    7. Brentford

    8. Brighton & Hove Albion

    12. Chelsea

    14. Crystal Palace

    15. Everton

    16. Fulham

    19. Leeds United

    20. Leicester City

    21. Liverpool

    23. Manchester City

    24. Manchester United

    27. Newcastle United

    29. Nottingham Forest

    35. Southampton

    39. Tottenham Hotspur

    42. West Ham United

    44. Wolverhampton Wanderers

  3. 'He played every position bar goalkeeper - and never complained'published at 14:35 28 November

    Gary SpeedImage source, Getty Images

    Leeds' title-winning manager Howard Wilkinson has praised former midfield stalwart Gary Speed on the 11th anniversary of his passing.

    Speaking on a special tribute edition of BBC Radio Leeds' Don't Go To Bed Just Yet podcast, Wilkinson explained just what it was that made Speed such a special member of that side.

    "I remember him best as a very, very, very good footballer," said Wilkinson. He had a bit of everything.

    "By the time he left, whether by selection before the game or moving around during the game, he'd played every position for Leeds bar goalkeeper - and he never once complained.

    "On top of that, he was a genuine, honest bloke, the sort you would have been pleased to see your daughter bring home."

    Speed played 245 times for Leeds between 1988 and 1995, scoring 41 goals. He also made 87 appearances for Wales and later went on to manage his country.

    Hear from Speed himself as well as memories from the likes of Jon Newsome and Simon Grayson by listening to the full podcast right now on BBC Sounds

  4. 'Gary would lead by example'published at 10:01 28 November

    "He must have been the perfect person to have in your side".

    That's the view of Adam Pope as the Don't Go To Bed Just Yet podcast team reflect on the life and career of the late Gary Speed.

    This week's episode - titled 'Oh Gary, Gary...' - is an emotional one.

    You can get it here

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  5. Adams shows class on the pitch, a heart off it, and leadership in both arenaspublished at 15:57 23 November

    From the press box banner

    Adam Pope, BBC Radio Leeds

    It does not take a bomb of statistics to explode to reveal that Tyler Adams has made an impressive start to the 2022 World Cup. Sites like @lufcdata usefully inform that by the time USA had drawn 1-1 with Wales Adams had won more tackles (5) and covered a greater distance (13.13km) than any other single player so far in Qatar. The naked eye alone will tell you he was everywhere.

    "Quality" and "best player on the field" were the tone of the reviews of his performance afterwards but what cannot be measured are the intangibles - the influence the fearless and irrepressible USA captain has not only on his team-mates but also off the pitch.

    This is a player who loves a tackle and is willing to take on the responsibility of leadership. In the week before the most controversial hosting of a World Cup Adams, 23, was keen to tell BBC Radio Leeds how invested the players are in understanding the issues they may be asked about in Qatar.

    "We know there's a lot going on, we want to focus on our football," he told me.

    "We didn't choose to have the World Cup there, but we still want to be educated on what's happening. 'Why did you guys pick this hotel, was it built the right way?' These sort of details.

    "We even received a presentation on gestures you should make in Qatar, things you shouldn't do and how you should dress."

    Once in Doha Adams and his team-mates invited migrant workers to train with them.

    "We're very confident of our understanding of what is happening," he said.

    "It's been a great job from US Soccer to make sure we're educated."

    There is a touch of the Jack Grealish about Adams too. The viral video of the England player's 'snake arms' celebration fulfilling his promise to young supporter Finlay Fisher has touched hearts everywhere. Speaking to Adams as he took part in a free football coaching event in a deprived part of Leeds a few months ago he is acutely aware of his role as a professional.

    "For me having an impact outside the game is more important than having an impact on the game," he told me.

    "I couldn’t have imagined a professional footballer giving me the opportunity to play and come hang out with them. Just seeing the smiles on these kids' faces is priceless."

    Continuing to draw comparisons Adams may come up against the man he effectively replaced at Elland Road in local hero Kalvin Phillips when England face the USA on Friday night. Both players are fully committed in style to their games and to improving the lives of those they come into contact with.

  6. Is a new left-back Leeds' priority in January?published at 08:57 23 November

    Robin Koch and Liam CooperImage source, Reuters

    Simon Rix says Leeds would be better trying to bring in a new left-back in January, rather than a centre-back.

    When discussing the upcoming transfer window and where Leeds need to strengthen at the back, the Kaiser Chiefs bassist told the Don't Go To Bed Just Yet podcast: "I see the centre-back thing, but if in January there is money for one player, which position would you go for? I think it has to be left-back.

    "There is such a lack of left-backs, there isn’t one in the under-21s and there arguably isn’t one in the first team. If we do get a good left-back then that moves Pascal. He can play in the centre and we all know he has good feet and can play.

    "My problem with signing another centre-back is it just sends everyone else down the queue. We all think you have to have a pathway for those young players.

    "I would like to see an excellent left-back with Pascal and Koch, and Ayling or Rasmus. That to me on paper is a great back four."

    Listen to Don't Go To Bed Just Yet on BBC Sounds

  7. 'The one person in the universe that wanted this break was Bamford'published at 12:46 22 November

    Patrick BamfordImage source, Getty Images

    In the latest episode of Don't Go To Bed Just Yet, the panel discuss Patrick Bamford and whether he can bounce back to play a role for Leeds this season.

    Simon Rix believes January could be the time for the club to bring in a new striker.

    He said: "We had a caller who said Bamford was a busted flush and I was quick to say 'no he’s not, let’s give him time'. But since that call, I don’t think we’ve seen anything that proves me right.

    "It feels like he has come back and looks rusty to put it politely. We’ve got this break that no one wanted but the one person in the universe that did want it is Bamford because he’s got a moment to sort his head out, sort his legs out and maybe he can come back. If he’s not fit in January we have to be thinking about if we have enough strikers."

    Adam Pope added: "Even if he comes back fully fit and flying, I still think they need another striker anyway. I don’t think it’s over for him and I certainly don’t think he’s a busted flush.

    "But I don’t think we can expect him to step up and score even 10 goals to be honest after January even if he is fully fit."

    Listen to Don't Go To Bed Just Yet on BBC Sounds

  8. 🎧 Can Bamford bounce back?published at 08:23 22 November

    Episode Eight of our Leeds United podcast Don’t Go To Bed Just Yet is available now on BBC Sounds.

    Kaiser Chiefs bassist Simon Rix joins Jonny Buchan and Adam Pope from BBC Radio Leeds as they continue the Leeds United chat throughout the World Cup.

    This week they discuss defenders, strikers and a court case involving the Leeds United owner.

    Listen or download now on BBC Sounds

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  9. What's your one World Cup wish?published at 16:23 17 November

    Jesse MarschImage source, Getty Images

    Jess Furness, Her Game Too, external

    The Leeds board needs to devise a serious plan of action for the January transfer window and not go into it half-heartedly.

    We need a left-back and striker to join the squad - at least. In 2021-22, we didn't strengthen in the winter window and we must learn from that big mistake.

    Check out the full piece here

  10. Adams warms up for World Cuppublished at 11:12 17 November

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    The United States play their opening Group B game against Wales on Monday, 21 November at 19:00 GMT.

    They then face England on Friday, 25 November at 19:00 GMT.

  11. Rodrigo: The well-rounded individual unable to quite complete the circle for club or countrypublished at 12:57 16 November

    From the press box banner

    Adam Pope, BBC Radio Leeds

    "I'm very happy to score goals, but the only thing that really matters for me in football is to win," said Rodrigo in the wake of Leeds United's 4-3 defeat at Tottenham.

    It was a game in which he scored twice brilliantly - a flashing volley on the turn and a crisp strike into the far corner - and his tally is now nine in arguably the toughest league in the world.

    But Rodrigo is not winning at much lately, despite rediscovering his finishing touch. The 31-year-old was overlooked for Spain's World Cup squad, despite being four goals ahead of Ferran Torres of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid's Alvaro Morata, both of whom did make Luis Enrique's final selection.

    A year ago, though, he was in - recalled for World Cup qualifiers after scoring in consecutive Premier League matches. At the time, the Spain boss said: "He is clever inside the box, he has good shooting skills and can finish well - although what he does at Leeds is totally different from what we do here."

    Finding the net regularly is not enough, it seems. So is this the crux of it for United's £27m record signing? Everybody, including Enrique, expects more. Common accusations include: he does not press enough; the ball does not stick up top; and he gives it away too cheaply. And people debate whether he is a number nine or a number 10.

    His transfer fee may have meant criticism is more acute and more swiftly aimed at the Brazil-born forward.

    The fact is Rodrigo is scoring - producing the goods for Leeds despite the operation around him being out of sync. But he remains the well-rounded individual unable to quite complete the circle for club or country.

    For more discussion and debate on Rodrigo, listen to this week's episode of our Don't Go To Bed Just Yet podcast on BBC Sounds

    Don't Go To Bed Just Yet podcast logo
  12. 🎧 Are we overlooking how good Rodrigo has been?published at 08:26 16 November

    Rodrigo's stats do not align with the level of coverage and praise the Leeds striker is getting.

    That's the view of the weekly panel on your Leeds United podcast - Don't go to bed just yet.

    The Spaniard has nine goals in 13 league games - so should the Whites be getting even more from his clear ability?

    Kaiser Chiefs Bassist Simon Rix, who is currently on a UK tour with the band, joins Jonny Buchan and Adam Pope to answer the question and they duly dig into that 4-3 loss down at Tottenham.

    The full episode is here but get a flavour of things with the clip below.

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  13. Is the Premier League even fun any more?published at 12:31 15 November

    Leeds United Tuesday talking point graphic

    Adonis Storr, The Roaring Peacock, external

    Six minutes of Saturday's game at Tottenham saw the very best and worst of Leeds United. A magnificent goal took us to the peak of joy – two quick concessions and a man sent off brought the depths of despair.

    It's not that losing away specifically to Tottenham Hotspur should elicit such extremes of emotion. It's that it feels like every game is significant. But for two goals last season, Leeds would have been relegated.

    The reality is that within the Premier League there is an English Super League. The seven richest clubs will almost certainly avoid relegation.

    And the remaining 13 are locked in a scrap of such epic proportions that football often becomes secondary. Most teams that have come to Elland Road this season have spent more energy time-wasting, remonstrating with the referee and feigning injury than trying to score goals.

    The Premier League is not so much about football, as it is about money.

    After finishing ninth in their first term, the Leeds board have been criticised for not making the investments needed to sustain that upward trajectory. Standing still is going backwards.

    The club needs fresh investment in January and next summer to avoid this perilous anxiety hanging on every game.

  14. Your thoughts on Saturday's matchpublished at 12:54 14 November

    Your Views

    We asked for your thoughts on Saturday's match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

    Here are some of your comments:

    Tottenham fans

    Nick: Another tense day at Spurs, but a great result in the end. Probably a very entertaining game for the neutrals. Need to make the defence more secure, especially on the right-hand side. Next home game is New Year's Day. Unbelievable. COYS!

    Jacob: Only Spurs can win a game and it still feel like you lost. We were not good, particularly at the back. In the first half everyone was off it, even Kane and Bentancur, who have been outstanding recently. But the misplaced passes throughout the team was shocking. It was a scrappy game and fortunately Leeds weren’t at their best so we clung on in there.

    Mark: I think we worked hard for the points. But we can’t keep on going down at half-time and try to win the game back . If we carry on like this we might just squeeze into the top four. I think that Conte needs to work on new tactics like Chelsea.

    Leeds fans

    Gary: I thought VAR was supposed to ensure correct decisions are made. How can it not be a foul when two Spurs players bundle our keeper into the net and subsequently Spurs score a goal?

    Robert: Brilliant team effort in getting the three goals, but no points again and this generally is already and will certainly continue to be the same in the second half of the season - UNLESS quality players are added in January and lots of real hard work is done on the training ground on our defending. We cannot and must not give goals away so easily.

    Eric: At last we have some good firepower and strength up front and midfield, time to let Bamford go and invest in a bit of faith in our young talent who have been on the sidelines for so long. However, we really need to stop leaking goals, when we are winning with less than 15 minutes remaining we should be closing the door not leaving it wide open!