Michael Schumacher hails 2011 Formula 1 rule changes

By Sarah HoltBBC Sport in Istanbul Park
Michael Schumacher
Schumacher finished eighth in the Chinese Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher has called 2011's new rule changes a "mega success" because he believes the racing is fairer and more fun.

Formula 1 chiefs had hoped the addition of a moveable rear wing, the return of the power boost Kers system and less durable Pirelli tyres would spice up the sport.

Mercedes driver Schumacher believes it has worked, saying: "To me there is more justice as the quicker driver should be in front.

"And it is more spectacular. There is fantastic fighting and I have to say I've enjoyed it big time."

Schumacher, the sport's record seven-time world champion, returned to F1 last season after three years in retirement.

The 42-year-old believes 2011's regulations have improved the sport, especially when it comes to the 24 drivers fighting it out on the track.

Schumacher used last season's finale in Abu Dhabi as an example when Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who was still in contention for the title, could not find a way past the Renault of Vitaly Petrov.

"Fernando was clearly quicker, was fighting for the championship but was stuck in traffic in a normal race situation," Schumacher added.

"That used to be our life. If you weren't so much quicker, or not quicker at the right point on the track, you wouldn't pass.

"Now you still need to be quicker than the guy in front of you but you don't need to be miles quicker and you can play with the various systems in order to make overtaking possible."

Both the moveable rear wing and the reintroduction of Kers are designed to help drivers overtake their rivals during a race.

The rear wing is designed to give extra speed on the straight by reducing drag but it can only be operated at a specific point during the race and if the drivers are within a second of the car in front.

The device, which can be only be used operated at a specific point on the track during the race, is designed to give extra speed on the straight by reducing drag.

Kers can give drivers an overall lap-time advantage of about 0.3 seconds.

But the FIA's decision to introduce Pirelli tyres which do not last as long as their predecessors supplied by Bridgestone have arguably had the biggest impact.

that at the last race in China seven different drivers shared the lead nine times as the rounds of pit stops had an impact.

"It's a day-and-night of a difference and it's a mega success what we've been seeing," Schumacher continued. "Not only in Shanghai but in the previous races too.

"It is fairer as the quicker driver should be in front not the one that is just driving in front because of tactical reasons. To me there is more justice.

"It is more spectacular. There is fantastic fighting and I have been in the middle of that in the last grand prix. I had lots of action and I had to say I enjoyed it big time."

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