Felipe Massa criticises Lewis Hamilton's driving in Singapore

Massa rages after Hamilton collision

A furious Felipe Massa heavily criticised Lewis Hamilton after their clash at the Singapore Grand Prix.

McLaren's Hamilton was penalised after turning into Massa when fighting over seventh, breaking part of his front wing and puncturing Massa's rear tyre.

After the race, Massa tapped Hamilton on the shoulder to which the Brit responded: "Don't touch me, man."

The Ferrari driver told BBC Sport: "My thoughts are that, again, he cannot use his mind - even in qualifying."

The Brazilian added: "He has done it to me so many times this year.

"Again, he could've caused a big accident. He's paying for it and he doesn't understand that.

"It's important the FIA study this and penalise him every time."

When asked if he would tell Hamilton how he was feeling, Massa said: "Yeah, I told him. But he cannot even listen, maybe his father can imagine [what's it like to be] me."

Massa and Hamilton had an altercation in the TV interview area after the race.

Angry Massa interrupts Hamilton interview

The Brazilian went up to the McLaren driver as he was about to start an interview, patted his shoulder, and said: "Good job, bro."

Hamilton replied: "Don't touch me, man. Don't touch me"

He then left the TV interview area and did not give any more interviews.

Hamilton, who started the race in fourth, lost ground at the start and dropped down to eighth.

As he began his fight back through the field, he clashed with Massa as he tried a move around the outside of Turn Seven on lap 10.

The McLaren driver turned into Massa, breaking part of his front wing, while Massa was forced to limp back to the pits with a right rear puncture.

The incident followed their clash in qualifying where Hamilton was determined to get by the Brazilian before starting his flying lap in Q3 and the two nearly touched before the Ferrari driver finally let him by.

On race day, the pair, who battled for the 2008 world title right up until the final race of the season, did touch and the stewards handed Hamilton a drive-through penalty.

Massa added that if Hamilton continued to drive like he has this year, he would never add any more titles to the one he won in 2008.

"I think he's wrong," responded McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh. "Lewis is still a young guy, he's learning all the time. He'll win races and I'm sure he'll win more world championships.

"He's an aggressive and assertive driver but he'll win many more races than you or I and I'm sure he'll win championships.

"Lewis didn't deserve a drive-through penalty. It's a racing incident as far as I'm concerned.

"It would have been very easy for Lewis to have got massively frustrated but then you saw clinical and fantastic overtaking. Lots of others wouldn't have had it in them to do that.

"He has commitment and passion, he just has to control it. You have to take some risks in overtaking and he's a driver who wants to overtake in a hurry.

"Afterwards he'll regret that and maybe he could have waited another few corners but in sport and in life things go well and badly. It went badly.

"We'll have conversations but they'll be in private. Is Lewis occasionally overimpetuous? Undoubtedly yes, but he's a great driver and showed great spirit to recover."

It's not the first time Hamilton and Massa have come to blows this season, with the duo banging wheels at the hairpin in Monaco earlier this year before clashing again in the tunnel.

As a result, Massa crashed out of the race and Hamilton, who was also involved in a later incident with Pastor Maldonado's Williams, picked up a drive-through penalty and later criticised the stewards saying: "It's an absolute joke."

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