Lewis Hamilton eyes end to Felipe Massa feud

Massa rages after Hamilton collision

Lewis Hamilton has moved to bring an end to his ongoing dispute with Ferrari's Felipe Massa.

The McLaren star has had four separate incidents with Massa this season with the Brazilian making no secret of his fury with Hamilton's driving.

"I've tried to speak to him and he didn't want to, and to be honest I don't care any more," said Massa. "I'm not going to speak to him."

Hamilton responded: "I am cool with him, so I have no problems with him."

The two drivers clashed in the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday, touching through the 190mph 130R corner with Massa losing part of his front wing endplate.

Hamilton escaped penalty for the incident leading to Massa calling on the sport's governing body, the FIA, to look into the 2008 world champion's driving given the number of incidents he has been involved in.

"The most important thing is they [the FIA] should be consistent," said Massa. "I've discussed it with Charlie [Whiting, the FIA race director], had a little chat and told them to be more consistent. Nothing more than that."

Hamilton has since accepted full responsibility for the incident and appeared visibly contrite when asked about Massa's comments ahead of Sunday's Korean Grand Prix.

"Well, if he doesn't want to be a grown up about it, that's fine," said Hamilton who added that he hoped he and Massa could become friends again.

"I think so. Of course, the situation has not been great for some time now.

"I've always had respect for Felipe, and I still do regardless of the negative comments he is constantly coming up with.

"It's easy in the sport, when you are competitive and in the heat of the moment to say things you don't mean - whether or not he does mean them.

"Regardless, I have tried to show respect. In the last race, I am very, very sorry for what happened."

Hamilton described how the incident happened: "I've seen the replay and he was quite far up the outside of me, but out of my mirrors I can't see a thing (due to vibrations), and I was looking to the right and I didn't see him.

"By the time I realised he was on the left it was too late.

"I've been in the wrong place in the last few races. We've had the car to be quite a bit further up ahead, as Jenson (Button) has shown.

"Perhaps if I was doing the right job I wouldn't be in those situations with Felipe.

"Again, all respect is due, and I hope in the future we can put our guards down and he can be cool with me, as I am cool with him, so I have no problems with him."