Fernando Alonso: A profile of the Ferrari driver

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso only reached the top step of the podium once in 2011

Ferrari started the season with their worst car in nearly 20 years - and yet they are better placed after the first eight races than they have been since 2008.

There is one main reason for this - Fernando Alonso has driven stupendously, underlining why so many of his rivals consider him to be the best driver on the grid.

Alonso has not put a foot wrong, while at the wheel of a car that, at the start of the season at least, was very difficult to drive, and has not let a single point go begging.

The same cannot quite be said of the team - there is the suggestion that even better results could have been obtained at a few races had the strategy brains on the pit wall been a little more alive.

All the while, the car - and the results Alonso has been delivering with it - have been getting better and better.

If Ferrari can maintain that upward trend in performance, Alonso will be very difficult to beat this season.

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