Driver profile: Kamui Kobayashi

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer
Kamui Kobayashi
Kamui Kobayashi

Kamui Kobayashi suffered what might be termed 'difficult second season syndrome' last year, but he has recovered strongly in 2012.

If his headline results are not quite as eye-catching as those of team-mate Sergio Perez, Kobayashi has still put the Sauber to good use in taking impressive sixth and fifth places in Australia and Spain, and some strong if unfulfilled performances elsewhere.

The swashbuckling overtaking style that first caught the eye during his first two races in 2009 and then his first full season in 2010 has also continued to impress from time to time.

But the question remains about both Sauber drivers - are they getting the best out of what in 2012 is clearly a very competitive car?