Sebastian Vettel says his Canada pole is a 'good answer' to critics

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer

Sebastian Vettel said his pole position in Canada was a "good answer" to critics who have accused Red Bull of winning in an illegal car.

Two design features of the Red Bull have been outlawed in the last week - and both were on the car when it won in Bahrain and Monaco.

"There has been a lot of stuff going around," Vettel said.

"It's important people understand our car is not about one hole or slot; it works as a whole combination together."

In Canada this weekend, Red Bull have been forced to close off holes that allow air to run through their front axle, improving brake cooling and aerodynamic downforce.

And after the last race in Monaco, they were told that holes in the car's floor in front of the rear tyres - which also improved aerodynamics - were also no longer allowed.

Vettel said: "I wasn't concerned that closing that hole or slot would hurt us a lot on performance but for sure if we had the choice we would open it up because we think it is a little bit better."

The decision to outlaw the holes in the floor was particularly galling for Red Bull because they had previously been told by governing body the FIA that they were legal.

The FIA changed its view after rivals McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus complained about the holes in Monaco, claiming they were illegal.

"It's not just a hole in the floor that makes all the difference," said Vettel.

"Obviously reading the papers you get that impression. It was a bit of a shame that it went one way and then the other, being declared illegal, then legal and then illegal. But in the end we never feared a big impact on the performance of the car."