2012 Formula 1 drivers' title permutations

Alonso and Vettel

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso heads into the Brazilian Grand Prix knowing he must at least finish on the podium to have a chance of winning the title.

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel holds a 13-point lead over the Spaniard. Whoever claims the title will become the youngest ever triple world champion.

Alonso wins the title if he wins and Vettel finishes lower than fourth.

Second for Alonso means, Vettel must finish below seventh. Third would require Vettel to finish 10th or lower.

F1's points scoring system

First - 25

Second - 18

Third - 15

Fourth - 12

Fifth - 10

Sixth - 8

Seventh - 6

Eighth - 4

Ninth - 2

Tenth - 1

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