Sebastian Vettel: I don't apologise for winning following Malaysian GP

F1: When team-mates fall out

World champion Sebastian Vettel says he does not apologise for winning following the controversial Malaysian GP, in which he ignored team orders.

The Red Bull drivers were told to hold station, with team-mate Mark Webber ahead, but Vettel ignored the call and took the win.

Vettel apologised for the overtake after the incident and Red Bull boss Helmut Marko said the row was settled.

But ahead of the Chinese GP, Vettel said: "I don't apologise for winning."

Highlights: Vettel ignores team orders to win in Malaysia

He added: "I think that's why people employed me in the first place and why I'm here. I love racing and that's what I did.

"In Malaysia we were surprised being at the top. The whole race we worked well with the tyres. I think that's what people forgot.

"What stuck in their heads was the way the race ended. There's not much more to add than what happened. I told the team straight after.

"I apologised for putting myself above the team which I didn't mean to do. There's not much more to say."

During the race, which Webber led from lap six, three-time world champion Vettel repeatedly asked the Red Bull management to ask his team-mate to move over for him.

But they ordered him to stay behind Webber, with team principal Christian Horner accusing Vettel of "silly" behaviour.

Vettel, however, maintained his offensive and passed Webber around the outside at Turn Four after their final pit stops.