Bahrain GP: Mercedes' Nico Rosberg says win will be difficult

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer in Bahrain
Bahrain GP: Watch Nico Rosberg's pole lap

Nico Rosberg says he expects it to be difficult to convert his pole position at the Bahrain Grand Prix into a win.

The German took his first pole for more than a year but said tyre degradation in the heat would be a problem.

"Outright quickest in qualifying, that's really cool," said Rosberg, who starts ahead of Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

"But we have to be careful because it's going to be a tough race. Rear tyre degradation will be a major issue."

Mercedes had much more severe degradation than their main rivals Ferrari, Red Bull and Lotus during their race simulation runs on Friday and were also considerably slower.

However, Rosberg said they had improved the car overnight before qualifying.

"We saw in China that we were struggling a little bit more in the race," Rosberg said, "and tomorrow is going to be difficult for us.

"We saw on Friday on the long runs there are other teams that were at least as competitive as us, maybe a bit better, so we need to be cautious.

"The biggest challenge is really the rear tyres, it's just a matter of hoping we have done a better job than the other people and can handle the tyres better but there were some really strong teams on Friday and I'm not sure if we have enough to beat them tomorrow.

"It's between two and three stops. Some teams will try two, maybe us, but that will be really on the edge because the tyres really drop off."

Team-mate Lewis Hamilton qualified fourth but will start ninth after a five-place penalty for changing a gearbox damaged by a tyre failure in final practice.

"It's not been the best of days but big congratulations to Nico, it's a great result for him and we can still do something from there," Hamilton said.

Asked if he was concerned he might have another tyre failure in the race, Hamilton said: "For me it is a concern. I don't know exactly what went on. I think they're still investigating to find out exactly what happened.

"It wasn't a very good situation for me, but these things happen. There's no particular strategy that will help me, I will just have to try to gain some positions at the start.

"I like fighting through, it's enjoyable if you're going forwards. Hopefully I will be going forwards."

The race victory is expected to be fought out between Vettel and Alonso, although Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen cannot be ruled out despite starting ninth.

The Finn has showed strong pace at various points of the weekend, especially on race-simulation runs, but did not deliver in final qualifying, in which he said the car was "not fast enough", adding: "It's just one of the places where we don't seem to have the speed."

Alonso, who won last weekend in China, said: "Our weakness normally is on Saturday in qualifying.

"Our pace is not normally great and then on Sunday, we are together with the best ones.

"If we start at the front, things become much easier as we saw in China. Very, very happy with third.

Formula 1 - Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying highlights

"True that tomorrow we need to think about strategy carefully because tyre strategy will be the key point.

"The signs of long run pace on Friday and this morning with Felipe as well show that we'll be competitive."

Red Bull's Vettel added: "I think it's too difficult this year to point out [your main rival] on a Saturday.

"Historically you're not wrong if you say Ferrari, because they have been quite strong looking after the tyres and working with the tyres.

"Australia they have been very good on that and China. It is a little bit hotter here so maybe it helps us similar to Malaysia - we will find out."

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