Monaco Grand Prix: celebs turn out for F1's glamour day

George Lucas
George Lucas arrives at the Monaco Grand Prix hoping to watch a few Star Wars of his own between some of Formula 1's biggest rivals.
Cameron Diaz and Leonardo Di Caprio
Celeb spotters got the chance to see some of the biggest names in the Hollywood. There are few bigger than Cameron Diaz and Leonardo di Caprio in the world of film.
(left to right) Maximillion Cooper, David Hasselhoff and Xzibit
Businessman Maximillion Cooper (left), actor David Hasselhoff and rapper Xzibit are in excitable mood as more celebrities enter into the Monte Carlo party spirit.
Jeremy Clarkson and Suzi Perry
Top Gear's star near some unreasonably priced cars, Jeremy Clarkson, greets BBC F1 counterpart Suzi Perry.
Pit girls line up during the qualifying session of the Monaco
Formula 1's Monaco pit girls are in great spirits as they line up before qualifying.
Mark Webber arrives the Red Bull Energy Station
Mark Webber is a picture of contentment, and who can blame him, as he arrives at the Red Bull Energy Station in style before finishing third in the race.
The specially designed drivers helmet of Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel unveils his specially-designed new helmet which changes colour and picture when it heats up.
Fernando Alonso wearing a new helmet
Fernando Alonso's special helmet honours his career race wins: this year's Monaco Grand Prix would not be one of them
Felipe Massa
Sun worshippers look on as the action continues on the track with Felipe Massa
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso drives on as a host of the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo yachts are docked
Mark Webber
Mark Webber's Red Bull shines brightly in the Monaco sunshine. He went on to finish in a respectable third place
Sergio Perez drives past the Hotel De Paris in Monte Carlo
Sergio Perez drives past the Hotel De Paris in Monte Carlo, one of the world's most exclusive hotels at over £10,000 a night on race weekend
Sergio Perez
A yacht sails by in the distance but eventual race winner Nico Rosberg is oblivious
Nico Rosberg crosses the finish line
Nico Rosberg holds on to win 30 years after his father won the same Grand Prix for Williams

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