German GP: F1 cameramen to be confined to pit wall - Ecclestone

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer at Nurburgring
Cameraman hurt by flying wheel

Formula 1 is to introduce measures to protect people working in the pit lane following the injury to a television cameraman at the German Grand Prix.

A loose wheel from the car of Red Bull's Mark Webber struck cameraman Paul Allen, breaking his collarbone.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner had called for improved safety following the incident at Nurburgring.

"In future, all our camera crews will only be allowed to film from the pit wall," said F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

"I've been in close contact with everybody who has been dealing with the matter. It's a terrible thing to say, but it was just one of those things.

"There was a whole bunch of mechanics and the tyre could have hit any one of those guys. The cameraman just happened to be looking the wrong way at the wrong time."

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Allen, who was working for F1's official television production company FOM, was taken to hospital in Koblenz with a broken collarbone and two broken ribs.

Following the incident at the race, won by Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull boss Horner expressed his concerns over the safety of those working in the pit lanes.

"It's a timely reminder that things can go wrong. Mechanics have to wear safety gear and helmets," Horner said.

"Maybe it's time we looked at some of the other people working in the pit lane having some as well. It's something that needs to be looked at.

"The camera guys are getting close to the action. They are getting some great pictures but it's still a dangerous environment. So maybe [they should wear] some kind of safety equipment. Head injuries in particular are pretty nasty."

Horner said he did not tell Webber of the incident until after the race.

"We didn't feel it was relevant for him to be racing with that on his mind," Horner said. "[When we did tell him], he was obviously very concerned for the wellbeing of the camera guy and relieved to hear he was OK."

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