Ferrari's Massa hopes to stay as Raikkonen & Hulkenberg in frame

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer
Formula 1: Who will drive for Ferrari in 2014?

Felipe Massa says he still has a chance of staying at Ferrari next year after a strong result at the Italian Grand Prix.

The Brazilian, who has had an inconsistent season, finished fourth at Monza after Ferrari made it clear they were on the point of deciding on their 2014 line-up.

Massa is one of three drivers in the running to partner Fernando Alonso, along with Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg.

Massa said: "This race was important, not just for my contract but also to show the other teams what I'm able to do."

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The 32-year-old, who has driven for Ferrari since 2006, said he was "still discussing" his future with the team.

Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo said that the team would make their decision over the coming days.

"Listen, we have Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, [Paul] Di Resta. I have seen so many names [in the media]," Di Montezemolo told BBC Sport in an exclusive interview with F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan.

"Now we will think very, very carefully, because we don't have a gun here [pointing at is head] to decide tomorrow or after tomorrow, but after Monza this will be something I want to decide."

Montezemolo has the final decision and has in the past championed Massa, but insiders say the team would prefer to re-employ Raikkonen.

The Finn won the title for them in 2007 but was paid off a year before the end of his contract at the end of 2009, when Alonso joined Ferrari.

At the time, Ferrari felt Raikkonen was not a strong enough character out of the car to lead the team, but some senior figures now believe he and the forceful Alonso would be the ideal line-up.

Raikkonen is also considering staying at Lotus if they can give him the reassurances he feels he needs that the team have the technical and financial strength to compete at the front next season.

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If Hulkenberg is not taken by Ferrari, the German has a strong chance of going to Lotus, whether or not Raikkonen leaves the team.

Hulkenberg said after finishing in a season's best fifth place for Sauber at Monza: "For weeks there has been speculation - my name, Kimi's name.

"At some point the decision has to be made and the talk has to stop and we see what happens."

Alonso insisted he had "no preference" who won the drive, but said he would be "only happy" if Massa was retained.

"It is a team decision, all the names for me are the same," he said. "I have a huge respect for Felipe. He is a great professional driver working hard in the simulator and with the team."

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