Lewis Hamilton: Boss Niki Lauda will sort issue with Nico Rosberg

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer
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Mercedes boss Niki Lauda says he will talk to Lewis Hamilton before the next race in Canada to smooth over the tense situation within the team.

Hamilton accused team-mate Nico Rosberg of deliberately going off the Monaco track to stop him challenging for pole.

"I'll speak to him and I guarantee it will be fixed," said Lauda.

"If there are more issues I will call him and say 'Lewis, come on'. Give him time. We're going to work it out in a nice way."

Hamilton finished second to Rosberg in Sunday's grand prix and afterwards was still clearly unhappy about the incident the previous day.

Rosberg ran into the escape road at the Mirabeau corner and Hamilton, who was behind him on the track, had to slow down because there were caution flags.

Hamilton said he believed the lap he was on up to that point would have been good enough to take pole from Rosberg.

He did not accuse Rosberg of foul play in public, but Lauda admitted he had done so in private behind the scenes.

German Rosberg was cleared of any wrongdoing by race stewards.

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"The tension is building up, no question, but the team has to make sure the tension does not get out of hand," said Lauda.

"I know with my experience with other drivers in the past when it does get out of hand."

He added: "They're not children,. They're grown-up professionals who have their difficulties, but I will help them to overcome them in a nice way and they will understand."

Lauda said it was "normal" for two team-mates who are competing for the championship to have a tense relationship.

He likened the situation to his battle with McLaren team-mate Alain Prost in 1984 as well as Prost's fall-out with Ayrton Senna in 1988-9.

"All I have to do is make sure it doesn't get out of hand," Lauda said.

"I will tell you they will continue in a highly professional way, hard fighting each other. There is nothing more you can expect."

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