British GP: Lotus poised for Mercedes engine switch

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer at Silverstone
Lotus car with Romain Grosjean driving

Lotus are poised to switch to Mercedes engines next season.

The team is in the final stages of agreeing a deal to switch to the German manufacturer from Renault.

Mercedes have the dominant engine this season, with a significant performance advantage over the rival units from Renault and Ferrari.

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Renault has undergone a management reshuffle after its disappointing performance and from next season will focus much more on works team Red Bull.

McLaren's switch to Honda engines from next season has freed up a supply, and Lotus has walked away from the three-year contract with Renault the team signed at the start of the season in the hope of better performance.

All three engine manufacturers will be able to modify a specific number of parts amounting to a total of 48% of their engines before the 2015 season.

Ferrari and Renault are hoping this will enable them to close the gap to Mercedes.

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