Formula 1: Best tweet to beautiful cars, 2014's alternative awards

Formula 1: Who has won a BBC F1 2014 award?

It is the final Formula 1 race of the year and the BBC awards for the 2014 season have been handed out.

Prior to qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, BBC Sport's Suzi Perry, Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard gave out trophies for categories that included best drive, best start, broadcaster of the year, best overtake, unofficial steward and a commentator award.

However, here are a few more awards that we felt were worth acknowledging.

Best looking car - Williams

Williams F1
Williams' FW36 white, blue and red colour scheme has caught the eye this season

Williams were the last to reveal their 2014 livery but it was most certainly worth the wait.

They had gone through pre-season testing under plain blue colours but the confirmation of a new title sponsorship deal with Martini was reflected in the use of the drinks company's iconic white, blue and red colour scheme on the FW36, and when it was revealed it was quite the sight.

Best tweet - Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa
Felipe Massa tweeted a picture of his rival drivers looking different, yet still familiar

Formula 1 drivers are certainly not shy when it comes to their use of social media and, over the course of the season, there have been plenty of interesting and amusing tweets.

Formula 1: BBC team's best moments of 2014

From the romantic picture of Nico Rosberg on his wedding day to the downright silly Formula 1 Oscars 'selfie' posted by Fernando Alonso,external-link this award was not short of potential candidates.

But for sheer unexpectedness this award goes to Felipe Massa.

The Brazilian's Twitter timeline contains mostly photos of himself smiling next to colleagues, friends and the famous but back in October he tweeted this amusing,external-link and slightly disturbing, picture of his fellow F1 drivers with their faces swapped around.

Best helmet design - Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo
This is the helmet Daniel Ricciardo is wearing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

One thing bigger than the emergence of Daniel Ricciardo this season has been the Red Bull driver's smile.

Whether it is during an interview or as he strolls down the paddock, the Australian is rarely seen without his trademark beaming grin.

In fact, the only time it isn't seen is when he has his helmet on and he is in the car.

Ricciardo, however, rectified that at this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with a specially designed helmet that features a cartoon drawing of his face and broad smile.

Creepy or funny, it is arguably the best helmet design of the season.

Best botched pit stop - Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa
Williams driver Felipe Massa accidently stopped at the McLaren garage during the Brazilian GP

Felipe Massa, winner of the BBC's best overtake award, finds himself an award winner again, this time the Brazilian taking the honour of the best pit stop blunder.

It may not be the most desirable award but it will remind him of what turned out to be a memorable race for the right reasons.

Massa reflects on fantastic podium

At the Brazilian Grand Prix, Massa overcame the odds to secure only his second podium of the season in front of a home crowd, sparing his blushes after pulling into the wrong pit box during the race.

"They moved our garage for the race," Massa said after finishing third.

"We were always at the end but they moved us to the middle and it was just after McLaren. They have silver, we are white, but with the sun I thought it was us, so I stopped there but it was the wrong garage."

Best road car - Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton has two 1967 Cobras

Driving may be a Formula 1 racer's livelihood but the vast majority still love to get behind the wheel of a car away from the circuit.

Spending so long in the cramped cockpit in a car built for functionality, it is of no surprise drivers go for luxury and comfort when on the road.

Lewis Hamilton is no exception, with the Briton boasting two 1967 AC Cobras, and there are arguably few better classic cars.

As a result, our best road car award goes to Hamilton.

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