Formula 1 2018: All you need to know about the teams

All you need to know about the teams in 2018.


Sebastian Vettel
The big boys; the most successful, the longest serving. But they haven't won a title since 2008
Races started: 967Pole positions: 219
Wins: 235Podium places: 750Championships: 16
2017 position: 2nd2017 wins / podiums: 5/202017 best: 1st - 5 times

Force India

Andrew Green, Technical Director of Force India, Nikita Mazepin of Russia and Force India, Esteban Ocon of France and Force India,Sergio Perez of Mexico and Force India and Otmar Szafnauer, Chief Operating Officer of Force India
Recent over-achievers Force India have been beating teams on much bigger budgets. Plus you won't miss them on the grid... because their car is pink
Races started: 210Pole positions: 1
Wins: 0Podium places: 6Championships: 0
2017 position: 4th2017 wins / podiums: 0/02017 best: 4th - Spanish


Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen
Haas are in their third season in F1 and will be hoping to have a more co-operative car this time - Romain Grosjean (right) can often be heard over team radio shouting at his
Races started: 60Pole positions: 0
Wins: 0Podium places: 0Championships: 0
2017 position: 8th2017 wins / podiums: 0/02017 best: 6th - Austria


McLaren"s Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne and Spanish driver Fernando Alonso
McLaren. They dumped Honda engines in favour of Renault, and still broke down the most during testing. Still, they won the BBC F1 best-looking car poll...
Races started: 840Pole positions: 155
Wins: 182Podium places: 485Championships: 8
2017 position: 9th2016 wins / podiums: 0/02017 best: 7th - Malaysia, Singapore


Mercedes Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton
Champions four times in a row - Mercedes are going to be very difficult to beat. Over to you, Ferrari
Races started: 187Pole positions: 99
Wins: 85Podium places: 175Championships: 5
2017 position: 1st2017 wins / podiums: 12/262017 best: 1st - 12 times

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Mercedes reveal the new W09

Red Bull

Red Bull
Remember a time before Mercedes' dominance? Yes, it was Red Bull who topped every time sheet. Seems like such a long time ago... Over to you, Red Bull
Races started: 263Pole positions: 60
Wins: 59Podium places: 160Championships: 4
2017 position: 3rd2017 wins / podiums: 3/132017 best: 1st - Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Mexico


Nico Hulkenberg of Germany and Carlos Sainz
Following a return to the sport three years ago, the French car giant will be expecting to be closer to the front this year. It all rests on that engine
Races started: 360Pole positions: 51
Wins: 35Podium places: 100Championships: 2
2017 position: 6th2017 wins / podiums: 0/02017 best: 6th - five times


Marcus Ericsson of Sweden and Charles Leclerc of Monaco
Sauber have a bit more backing this season from Alfa Romeo - the last time their had help from a major car brand they won a race. Might take a while this time, though
Races started: 457Pole positions: 1
Wins: 1Podium places: 27Championships: 0
2017 position: 10th2017 wins / podiums: 0/02017 best: 8th - Spain

Toro Rosso

Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley
The Honda engine hand-me-down Toro Rosso received for 2018 might not be quite as bad a move as first thought, if testing has been anything to go by
Races started: 245Pole positions: 1
Wins: 1Podium places: 1Championships: 0
2017 position: 7th2017 wins / podiums: 0/02017 best: 4th - Singapore


Williams F1 team's 2018 car
Williams have a such a rich history in F1, but could this year be a struggle for them?
Races started: 709Pole positions: 128
Wins: 114Podium places: 312Championships: 9
2017 position: 5th2017 wins / podiums: 0/12017 best: 3rd - Azerbaijan

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