F1 bosses reject proposals for rule changes in 2016

The 2015 Mercedes F1 car
Lewis Hamilton driving the 2015 Mercedes F1 car in testing

Formula 1's governing body has rejected proposals to change the rules before 2017 to make the sport more exciting for spectators.

Wider tyres, increasing 850bhp engines back to 1,000bhp and changes to the bodywork were among proposals debated at an FIA commission meeting in Geneva.

Reuters claim teams failed to agree on the type and timing of modifications.

Ferrari and Red Bull are among those wanting change next year, but Mercedes warn against the impact on this season.

Scuderia team principal Maurizio Arrivabene recently said he wanted "a real revolution" by 2016 with faster cars producing more power and noise.

Ferrari released images of a radical F1 concept carexternal-link just hours before the FIA commission's meeting and asked fans to give their opinion on the design.

Red Bull have also been pushing for modifications to the cars and tyres in 2016. Some believe this is because they think it will help them reduce the significant advantage Mercedes have held since the introduction of the new engines last year.

However, Mercedes have also been arguing in meetings of F1's rule-making strategy group that to introduce new rules too early would have a detrimental effect on the 2015 season. They say the short timetable would lead teams to stop developing their cars for this season to concentrate on the new designs for 2016.

The sport underwent a major upheaval last year with the introduction of a new V6 turbo hybrid power unit, replacing the old and much louder V8 engines that some in the sport would still prefer.

The desire for change is being driven by declining television audiences in some key markets - although numbers have gone up in some countries such as the UK and USA.

Nigel Mansell driving the 1992 Williams
It has been suggested that returning the cars to the look of 1992-93 would attract more fans