Austrian GP: Maurizio Arrivabene falls foul of Green Cross Code

Massa nearly runs over Ferrari team boss
Austrian Grand Prix
Venue: Spielberg Dates: 19-21 June
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Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene doesn't do uncool as a rule, but even he could not avoid looking a little foolish after ambling into the path of an oncoming Formula 1 car during first practice in Austria.

The silver-haired Italian obviously had other things on his mind - the car of Sebastian Vettel was in pieces in the garage at the time - as he hopped down from the Scuderia pit wall, looked left up towards the pit exit but not right towards the entry.

Which was a bit of an oversight to say the least.

Felipe Massa and Maurizio Arrivabene
Felipe Massa's onboard camera captured the near-miss, but the pair managed to share a joke later on

As Arrivabene stepped down, the Williams of Felipe Massa came steaming out of his pit box. The two were on a collision course before both slung out the anchors.

Modern F1 brakes being what they are, the Williams - and a bemused Massa - came to a near instant halt, while the Italian stallion rapidly gathered his hooves under him and skittered backwards out of harm's way.

A glance was shared between the two men, Arrivabene's appearing to say: "Yeah, that was pretty dumb. Sorry mate."

Green Cross Code Man and Maurizio Arrivabene
Ferrari boss Arrivabene could have done with lessons from the Green Cross Code Man

The 58-year-old was at least able to claw back some of his trademark cool as he proffered a Fonzie-like thumbs up to Massa as the Brazilian got back on the gas.

Once back in the pitsexternal-link, Massa and Arrivabene could afford to share a joke about their near-miss.

Although it's fair to assume the Ferrari chief will be getting a reminder from the powers-that-be - should he need one after a scare like that - to take extra care in one of the most dangerous environments in sport.

Arrivabene gives a thumbs-up to Massa in the pits shortly afterwards
Arrivabene gives a thumbs-up to Massa in the pits shortly afterwards