Christian Horner: Red Bull boss calls for independent F1 adviser

Christian Horner
Christian Horner's Red Bull team are fourth in the Constructors' Championship

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner believes an independent adviser could help improve Formula 1.

With Mercedes again dominating this season, the sport has been criticised for a lack of excitement.

And Horner feels an experienced F1 figure, such as former Benetton and Ferrari chief Ross Brawn, could help the sport in the future.

"The strategy group is fairly inept. Maybe you need an independent observer, someone like Ross Brawn," said Horner.

"He understands the challenges and knows the business to write a specification for what a car or technical regulations should be."

In May, a range of measures aimed at making F1 more exciting were agreed upon by the sport's strategy group, which features Jean Todt, president of world motorsport's governing body the FIA, plus commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone and the Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull, Williams and Force India teams.

The changes still need to be approved by two further legislative stages.

Horner added: "I keep saying it and I will repeat it again now: It is for the commercial rights holder and the governing body to decide what F1 should be and then put it on the table to the teams and say 'this is what we want the product to be, these are the rules, this is the entry form'."

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