Belgian Grand Prix preview - all you need to know

The Belgian Grand Prix is 44 laps long

First Belgian Grand Prix - 1950

Circuit distance - 7.004km

Lap record - 1:47.263 secs*

* Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull 2009

Belgians reportedly drink 150 litres of beer per person per year, 20 litres more than an F1 car's fuel tank holds

Spa has a 25-room laundry museum which includes 'a history of soap'

Venetian lothario Giacomo Casanova used to bathe and drink the natural springs of Spa - dubbed the 'Cafe of Europe'

Chips were invented in Belgium. It has the lowest proportion of McDonald's outlets per inhabitant in the developed world

Michael Schumacher has the most wins at this circuit with six

McLaren hold the most team wins with 14

Belgium produces 220,000 tons of chocolate a year, about 22kg per Belgian

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