Lewis Hamilton: 'Nico Rosberg talks are not required'

US Grand Prix: Nico Rosberg throws cap at Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says there is no need for talks following his clash with fellow Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg at the United States Grand Prix.

The drivers touched at the start of Sunday's race in Austin, where Hamilton sealed a third World Championship.

Team boss Toto Wolff said the incident would be discussed, while Rosberg also threw a cap at Hamilton after the race.

"There is no need," Hamilton said. "Everyone has a right to an opinion but it doesn't matter. I won the race."

On the cap throwing incident, the Briton added: "I picked up the three caps and mine was at the back with the number one on the side. I just threw it over to him. I literally said 'here you go, mate' and then it came back at me.

"It's the worst thing to be my team-mate. On top of everything, he was disappointed with himself.

"I've seen Nico in lots of different lights over the years. The cap came past me and I'm like 'no problem'. I'm completely oblivious to it but I understand."

Speaking to BBC Sport on Monday, Wolff said talk of a dispute between Hamilton and Rosberg had been blown out of proportion, adding that the situation was "political not critical".

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