VW Group have no plans to enter Formula 1, says Wolfgang Durheimer

VW Group
The VW Group currently competes at top-level motorsport in the World Endurance Championship, the World Rally Championship and the World Rallycross Championship

The VW Group will not enter Formula 1 while question marks remain over the sport's ownership and technical rules, says the group's motorsport boss.

In September, Volkswagen were close to agreeing to take over Red Bull, before the VW emissions scandal led to the resignation of CEO Martin Winterkorn.

Last year, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said the sport could be sold and also wants to get rid of hybrid engines.

"Formula 1 is not on our agenda right now," said Wolfgang Durheimer.

"The situation is not predictable enough to make the kind of investment required. Before you commit the kind of money needed you must see five years of rules stability," Durheimer told Autocar.external-link

This season, teams have agreed changes to qualifying to increase unpredictability and talks are ongoing to make cars faster in 2017.

"There can't be the possibility of rules changes, of more or less engine cylinders coming in, or the hybrid system changing away from technology you are developing on road cars," he added.

"If you are a big business making a big investment you expect to have some influence on the set-up, with an assurance the present ownership will last. In F1, it seems the owners will not be there forever and that creates some instability."

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