Lewis Hamilton should change stance on 'halo' - John Surtees

Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikonnen trialled the new 'halo' device at pre-season testing in Barcelona

Lewis Hamilton has been urged to change his stance on the new 'halo' head protection device by former world champion John Surtees.

Hamilton described the change as "too drastic" and the "worst-looking" modification in Formula 1 history.

John Surtees' son Henry died during a Formula Two race in 2009 after being struck on the head by a stray tyre.

"I suffered the tragedy of losing Henry which certainly could've been prevented by a development like this," he said.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel had said the device can be as "ugly as possible" as long as it helps save lives. The German also thinks Henry Surtees would "still be around if we had this type of system".

John Surtees, who won the 1964 drivers' championship with Ferrari, said: "Lewis could perhaps think a little more about the 'halo' and think about the responsibility he does have as a world champion.

"Change comes about and sometimes changes are forced upon one. It may be that the governing body, just because of the momentum and the fact that they have gone this way, will have no option but to impose these regulations.

"Henry was hit by a wheel that weighed 28kg so there would have been a chance there [had a 'halo' been installed]."

McLaren's Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, says the 'halo' device is a "necessary" step.

"It will be the future of F1, because we cannot afford any serious injury or fatal accident as we had in the last two years," said the two-time world champion, referring to the fatal injuries sustained by Jules Bianchi and Justin Wilson.

"I know the 'halo' is a little extreme in terms of aesthetics - maybe a canopy or other solution is found in the next couple of months - but hopefully next year we have one of these systems in all the cars."

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