Lewis Hamilton & Ayrton Senna - F1's style icons revealed

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Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Anna Wintour... Lewis Hamilton has met all the fashionistas who matter.

So when he arrived for the Bahrain Grand Prix in a traditional local dress, it was perhaps no surprise that he managed to pull it off.

But he's not the first. Oh no - Lewis follows a rich tradition. Formula 1 and style statements go together just fabulously, as we can demonstrate in this stunning parade of racers.

Sports casual minimalism

Ayrton Senna in a sparse living room with some dumbells
Ayrton Senna shows how an aspiring all-time great prepares for domination of the sport by donning sports casuals in a sparse 1980s Norfolk living room. This man does not require furniture - he requires F1 world titles... and a couple of dumbbells

Prost keeps out the frost in 1985

Alain Prost skiing with his son and wife in 1985
Here comes Ayrton's great rival, Alain Prost. The woolly jumper-bright red salopette combo says: "I'm going ski-ing with the family and I'm quite care-free about the whole thing"

The name's Hill, Graham Hill... (1973)

Larry Grayson and Graham Hill, 1973
The double-breasted, gold-buttoned jacket, cream trouser, laqcered hair and super-shined Hush Puppy. Elegance personified. Thank you, Mr Graham Hill. Poor old Larry Grayson just could not compete in this aggressive loafer-off

Oversized and unconventional in 1998

Jacques Villeneuve in 1998
The best styles are about standing out from the crowd. And, boy, did Jacques Villeneuve do that. Grunge stylings, with dyed purple hair and a in Grateful Dead T-shirt. There are hardened rock musicians who would say this was too scruffy

Ivan and his waistcoat in 1992

Ivan Capelli
The suede effect waistcoat can only be carried by that rarest of beasts - the Ferrari driver. Or perhaps Ivan Capelli had a second job as a geography teacher

Jean's jaunty jumper

Jean Alesi in 1995
Another one from the catalogue collection. Jean Alesi drove for Benetton, and he could have modelled for them too. A jaunty jumper tied around the neck - everyone's favourite French-Sicilian is feeling relaxed and he isn't afraid to show it

He wears it well, he wears it all

Nigel Mansell in 1987
There is so much going on here with Nigel Mansell in 1987: A tweed jacket, Christmas jumper, chunky corduroy trousers and, quite possibly, a cycling jersey underneath it all. This man can wear nearly everything - even at the same time

The sportsman who epitomised the 1970s

James Hunt
From everything, to virtually nothing. It's James Hunt. And James Hunt did what he wanted

Get the look...

F1 fashion
Tartan slacks and black loafers courtesy of Sir Jackie Stewart

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