Monaco Grand Prix: Fast cars & fashion on the French Riviera

Monaco Grand Prix

These days, it's only really a race in the loosest sense of the word, but as a Formula 1 event the Monaco Grand Prix remains in a league of its own.

"A sunny place for shady people," the British writer Somerset Maugham famously dubbed the place, and nearly a century on the description still fits. The critic AA Gill was even ruder than that.

It's not hard to see where both were coming from. But while the ostentatious wealth, and where some of it came from, might make some queasy, Monaco is also compelling. And, in truth, it is easy to be seduced by the place.

Yes, it's expensive and precious. Yes, the ever-increasing number of skyscrapers has dulled the Beaux Arts charm that seduced in the Roaring Twenties.

But the setting remains unsurpassed - a drive along the Corniche to a glittering harbour surrounded by high cliffs, a castle on the hill and, when the sun shines, big, beautiful Mediterranean skies.

And the F1 track? Wow.

Pirelli's high-degradation tyres have rendered the race a bit of a joke these last few years. By and large, the leading drivers toddle around seconds off the pace trying to make the softer tyre get to the optimum time to do their one stop.

But with barriers waiting to punish even the smallest mistake, no race around Monaco can be taken lightly - as Max Verstappen's high-speed crash last year demonstrated.

And as a place to get a sense of the incredible capabilities of grand prix cars and their drivers, there is nothing like it.

Every corner name resonates down the ages, and the challenge of a flying lap remains as intense and extreme as ever.

Sainte Devote, Massenet, Casino Square, Mirabeau, the Tunnel, Tabac, Swimming Pool. To stand trackside and watch a grand prix driver do his work, thread the needle, tame 900bhp+ on streets you can walk down later that day, is to witness one of the most truly thrilling and awe-inspiring sights on earth.

Andrew Benson, chief F1 writer

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Home comforts

Nico Rosberg
Mercedes' Nico Rosberg certainly knows how to drive around Monaco - and so he should given that he lives there - he has won the last three races on the circuit

Mr Monaco

Ayrton Senna
Graham Hill is nicknamed Mr Monaco after winning five races on the circuit, but it is Ayrton Senna who has won the most races with six

Best corners

Monaco pool
The Swimming Pool chicane is one of Formula 1's most iconic corners

Local wildlife

Several animals are native to Monaco, including the roe deer, cross fox and least weasel (pictured)

Pre-race prediction

Chris Rea
Singer songwriter Chris Rea, an F1 fanatic, can only see more Mercedes domination this weekend
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Turning back the clock

Bruce McLaren
Almost 50 years ago to the date, Bruce McLaren climbed inside his M2B as McLaren made their F1 debut. He managed nine laps before retiring with an oil leak

Climb any mountain

Lewis Hamilton
Climbing a real one in preparation for climbing a metaphorical one? Lewis Hamilton knows he can ill afford another slip up this weekend

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